About Lon


Lon started her art career when she was 2 years old, getting tired of drawing stick figures and decided to be an artist of her own instead of copying teachers’ line drawings. In 1997, when her Art Master Mr. Luk introduced oil painting to the 10 year-old girl, she fell in love with it immediately and realized the dynamic possibilities of painting. She later mastered it and allowed it to be the vehicle of her creativity & utilize the paintbrush as the linkage of her mind to the canvas.

Having started to work as a professional artist at the age of 17, Lon has attained the Top Student Award in year 2006, both at Monash College Australia and Monash College worldwide. She then graduated at Monash University majoring in Visual Communications with flying colours & high distinctions in a dynamic range of art related subjects including graphic design, illustration, multimedia art, painting, printing, sculpture & photography.

Lon has achieved countless art prizes since 5 years old and was awarded an alumni scholarship & the ‘Paulinian Award for Art’ for 3 consecutive years in SPCS. Lon was later invited to be the Art Coordinator, Visual Arts Teacher & Creative Media Teacher at St. Paul’s Convent School in 2007. Published a few Children’s illustration books in Australia, including the Together Series for Children Overcoming Cancer & the Family Tree Book, Lon is renowned for her fun & energetic children’s illustration style. She is also regularly engaged by the Hong Kong Children’s Choir as the illustrator for their song books, concert programmes & poster designs.

Besides being an active illustrator and painter, with the intention to further extend her platform of creativity, Lon founded Carrousel Studio in 2010 to provide illustration services, graphic, packaging & product design solutions to clients. She also makes use of this creative and lively environment to nurture young artist through a dynamic range of mediums and materials in the creative workshops.

lon@lonlee.co.uk / http://www.lonlee.co.uk


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